Why Quitting Alcohol is Difficult: An Expert's Perspective

Alcohol is a drug, and it's easy to forget that. It's highly addictive and kills thousands of people every year. You don't have to be an alcoholic to stop drinking and experience the benefits of sobriety. While it may not always be easy, it's worth it.

Recent US reports suggest that only 6% of alcohol addicts receive treatment, which is a concerning statistic. To address this issue, SAMHSA has taken the lead in public health initiatives to promote mental health, prevent substance abuse, and provide treatment and support for recovery. The Go Sober outpatient alcohol treatment program can help those who want to quit drinking. But why is it so hard to stop drinking? There are several factors that can make it a challenge for someone to quit on their own.

Abruptly quitting alcohol can cause painful and sometimes deadly withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, alcohol is socially accepted in many places, making it difficult to avoid. Finally, many people don't have access to the resources they need to quit drinking. Quitting alcohol isn't easy, but it's possible with the right help and support.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, contact an alcohol specialist today for more information about how the Go Sober program can help.

Sophia Streeby
Sophia Streeby

Addiction recovery expert from experience and training - I want to help others Quit drinking alcohol and find freedom from addiction daily.