When is the Best Time to Quit Alcohol Before Surgery?

For your own safety and well-being, it is highly recommended to abstain from drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled surgery. This is because consuming alcohol can lead to serious complications during and after the procedure, which can result in a longer hospital stay and a longer recovery time. Alcohol has the potential to interfere with the blood's ability to clot, making it difficult to make incisions and control blood loss during surgery. Patients whose blood is thinner than normal due to alcohol in the system may experience slower coagulation, which can cause a delay in the healing of surgical wounds.

Additionally, those with alcohol in their bodies have a higher risk of suffering postoperative bleeding, as well as a greater chance of infection at the surgical site, in the respiratory system or in the urinary tract. After surgery, it is generally advised to avoid drinking alcohol for at least two weeks, and even then only after you have finished taking pain medications and any antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. In general, when it comes to alcohol before surgery, the best thing to do is to abstain from drinking and allow your body to detoxify for as long as possible before the procedure. Alcohol alters the way the body absorbs anesthesia and, as a result, can make some sedatives ineffective.

It is important to never mix your pain relievers with alcohol and wait until your doctor says it's okay. Alcohol can cause problems with several of the body's essential organs and processes, such as the liver, pancreas and nervous system, which can also hinder recovery. To minimize the chance of serious complications during and after the procedure, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours before your scheduled surgery. Whether you are going to have facelift surgery, breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, or any other surgical procedure, drinking alcohol before going under the operating room and receiving general anesthesia can pose a significant health risk.

Sophia Streeby
Sophia Streeby

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