The Dangers of Quitting Alcohol Abruptly

Alcohol use disorder is one of the most prevalent addiction problems in the United States. It is responsible for more deaths than opioids, and is a major cause of vehicle accidents. Many people who have a drinking problem would like to quit, but it's more than difficult for them. Heavy drinkers may even wonder, “Can alcohol withdrawal kill you?” To answer this question, it's important to understand how alcohol affects the body and why abstinence requires the help of an alcohol detoxification center.

Alcohol causes chemical changes in the brain over time, and when someone stops drinking or significantly reduces their alcohol consumption, they experience alcohol withdrawal. Mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal can be done on an outpatient basis, often requiring daily check-ups. However, if someone is worried about quitting alcohol abruptly, it's best to talk to a medical professional to get their opinion on the matter. When people stop drinking suddenly, they can experience a sudden neurotransmitter imbalance that can affect brain functions and its ability to manage other vital organs.

This can lead to serious complications ranging from mild to life-threatening. Benzodiazepines are the main pharmacological treatment for alcohol withdrawal, but other drugs may also be used. It's true that the average person could certainly eliminate alcohol from their diet without consequences. However, those struggling with alcohol abuse should be aware of the life-threatening repercussions of stopping drinking immediately.

Quitting in this way is dangerous and even deadly.

Sophia Streeby
Sophia Streeby

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