Can You Quit Drinking Alcohol on Your Own?

It is possible to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink in the long run, but it can be difficult to cut back or even quit drinking completely. When you reduce your intake of a habit-forming substance like alcohol, your body will go through a period of detoxification. This withdrawal can be physical, mental, or psychological, and the severity of the symptoms will depend on your level of alcohol dependence. Fortunately, there are no life-threatening symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that require medical supervision. One way to avoid potential triggers is to change what is physically available to you.

People who are dependent on alcohol or have other medical or mental health issues should stop drinking altogether. If you don't know where to start when setting your goals, you can follow the UK guidelines on low-risk drinking, which recommend that people drink no more than 14 units (about 6 pints of beer or 6 medium glasses of wine) and spend several days a week without any alcohol. Identifying behavioral change techniques and participation strategies can help design a smartphone application that reduces alcohol consumption through a formal consensus method. It is important to be aware of the consequences, but using them only to reduce alcohol consumption has another serious drawback. For example, if you are feeling stressed after work, you should find an alternative way to relieve stress instead of drinking; or if you go out with friends from work, alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Personalized digital interventions can help reduce dangerous and harmful consumption of alcohol in populations living in the community.

It may feel uncomfortable at first when you tell yourself that you are not a person who drinks alcohol, but this will become part of your identity. Many people consume alcohol in excess, so it is easy to justify excessive drinking based on this metric. Having some support and guidance when trying to quit drinking can make all the difference in having confidence in your decision. An alcoholic suffers mentally, emotionally, and physically, so many people want to know how to stop drinking alcohol. If you want to reduce your alcohol intake or quit drinking completely, then don't buy any alcoholic beverages or buy less when shopping.

The NIAAA can help you understand the difference between drinking in moderation, drinking in excess and consuming alcohol in excess.

Sophia Streeby
Sophia Streeby

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